Matt Giraud

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Let’s make something together. Let me count the possible ways:

I love the thrill and challenge of landing in a situation and uncovering what makes it tick, the little details that tell a big story. And as a former editor and art director, I know how powerful the right image – dancing with the story and tuned to the layout – can be. Will travel.

If your creative brief uses words like “authentic,” “natural,” or “real,” that's my sweet spot: documentary style photography focused on bringing the truth of an idea, service or product to life, especially if it involves people.

Unique, one-on-one portraits, tailored to who you are, where you are.

Retouching and production

To get all the above just so...


The same discipline I bring to still photography I bring to film: telling the essence of a story. Commercial spots, PSAs, corporate, documentary. For a full portfolio, visit my production company’s site, Gyroscope Pictures.

UX/UI design and strategy

Oh, and this site? Not an off-the-shelf template, but designed by me and built by Arthur Parker from the ground up to pare away everything that distracts from the point of this site: the image. Think what that mindset could do for your product or service. To learn more about what I do and see a full portfolio, visit Gyroscope Creative.

Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it.